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Veterinary Services

It’s important that your vet office is versatile. Like humans, your pets are complex beings and each part of their body needs to work in tandem in order to function properly. To fix a sick or hurt pet, you might need surgery, medication, grooming, or a change in diet and lifestyle. And sometimes, such as in an emergency, going multiple places may not be an option. Fortunately, River Road Animal Hospital can handle anything your animal needs. We offer numerous veterinary services in the Puyallup area.

Kitten and Puppy Vaccination Programs

Do you have a new kitten or puppy? All kittens and puppies should get a series of vaccinations and be dewormed. Save time and money with our convenient kitten and puppy vaccinations, health programs and and other services.

The kitten program includes a complete physical examination, a feline leukemia test, 3 distemper/upper respiratory vaccinations, 2 feline leukemia vaccinations, a rabies vaccination, 2 fecal exams for intestinal parasites, and the appropriate dewormings, and a microchip. Your cat can begin this program at 8 weeks of age.

The puppy program includes a complete physical examination, a series of 3-4 distemper/parvo vaccinations, a bordetella vaccine, a leptospirosis vaccine, a rabies vaccination, a fecal exam and 2 dewormings as needed and a microchip. Your puppy should start this program at 6-8 weeks of age, and receive the final vaccination at 16 weeks old.

Medical Care

At River Road Animal Hospital, we strive to give every patient the best and most comprehensive medical care and veterinary services possible. Blood work, lab tests, x-rays, fluid therapy, and oxygen therapy are just a few of the resources available to treat any illness or emergency. Most patients admitted to the hospital stay in our large treatment area. Dogs and cats with contagious diseases stay in comfortable isolation rooms, safely away from other animals. Doctors and technicians monitor patients continually and administer medications as needed. Critically ill or injured patients receive intensive care, loving attention, and every comfort we can offer.


We perform spays, neuters, declaws; orthopedic soft tissue surgeries and other animal surgery in Puyallup.

Spaying and neutering early can prevent serious problems later. Call us when your cat or dog is 5 months old. We schedule surgeries Monday through Friday. Dental procedures and neuters will go home the same day, spays spend one night, declaws will stay two nights. Cats and dogs must be vaccinated prior to admission.

Doctors can schedule other surgeries as needed. We also accept some surgeries by referral.


Radiographs allow doctors to diagnose and evaluate orthopedic problems, chest and abdominal disorders, pregnancies, and other health conditions. We offer extensive radiology services and, with our new state of the art x-ray equipment, we process radiographs during patient examinations. Special techniques involving multiple views require more time and some views may require patient sedation.

OFA radiographs for hip and elbow certification are available by appointment. Dogs must be anesthetized for this procedure.

Ultrasound and Other Diagnostic Equipment

Ultrasound lets the doctors look inside patients to observe organ function, detect disease processes, locate tumors, monitor pregnancies, help collect urine, and perform biopsies. Doctors schedule all heart echoes and abdominal sonograms.In an emergency, electrocardiograph (EKG) instantly shows the doctor the heart in action and prints details of each heartbeat. In surgery, we monitor blood pressure with our doppler, heart rate and oxygenation with our pulse oximeter and esophageal stethoscope and respiration with our Apalert. Our patients’ health and safety are our concern, their recovery our commitment.


Your pet’s oral hygiene is very important to us and vital to his overall health. Our dental services include dental exams, dental x-ray, routine cleaning, ultrasonic scaling, extractions, and more. Professional prophylaxis keeps teeth healthy and makes them sparkle. In cases of periodontal disease, more extensive dentistry may be necessary.

We schedule dental procedures Monday through Friday by appointment. For all procedures, patients must be anesthetized and will go home the same day. Owners receive home care instructions with before and after photos of their pet’s teeth.

Pet Boarding Services & Programs

Are you planning to spend some time away from home? We not only offer animal health services, but can watch your pet when you travel too! We accommodate cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and a few exotic pets, and we provide loving care and everything necessary to make your pet’s stay a pleasant one.

Learn more about our Pet Boarding Services now.


Instant test results mean immediate treatment for your pet. Our modern, high tech laboratory enables us to run the following tests in house, with some results available in minutes:

  • Pre-surgical blood panel testing
  • Complete blood counts (CBC)
  • Blood chemistries
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal exams for intestinal parasites and infections
  • Skin exams
  • Tests for canine parvo feline leukemia and FIV
  • Fungal cultures
  • Bacterial cultures and sensitivities
  • Cytologies
  • Cross matching for blood transfusions
  • And much more!


Our widely-stocked pharmacy features the most up-to-date medications available. We fill prescriptions for nearly every health condition and will special-order items we don’t have in stock. We also offer individually prepared, flavored compounds for finicky pets that are difficult to medicate.

For your convenience, refills are available evenings and weekends.


Is it time for your pet to have a bath or a trim? Our Animal Hospital features an all breed cat and dog grooming service. We utilize the Hydro surge bathing system, offer custom clips, de-matting, and power drying.

For those special problems, we also give medicated baths, flea baths, grease baths, and skunk baths.

We groom by appointment, weekdays and Saturdays.


Shopping for your cat or dog? Our Veterinary Services retail center carries vet approved pet care products:

  • Pet food
  • Prescription diets and treats by Hills, Royal Canin and Purina.
  • BitterApple Anti-Chew Spray
  • Lax-Aire hairball treatment
  • Kitten and puppy milk replacement and nursery kits
  • Revolution, Bravecto and Trifexis flea treatments
  • Siphotrol Premise Flea Spray
  • Vet Solutions Ear Cleaner and Otomite Ear Mite Solution
  • Pet stain and odor control products
  • Pellet litter for declawed cats
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Shampoos and crème rinses
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Cardboard carriers

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Feedback from our clients

  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA
  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years. We always feel questions are welcome, and Dr. Anderson spends whatever time is required to provide answers, whether we are in the office or just speaking on the telephone. Dr. Anderson always knows our pets’ special needs and personalities to provide them the best possible care."
    The Miller Family